Saturday, March 28, 2009

Technology Technology

OK... so I know that I know that we are in the technology age, but besides having a lap top I did not realize how all of it would affect my daughter b/c she is only 3! However, she has been really saying some cute things and I thought I would document them on my blog, as someone recommended me writing them down somewhere.

First, the other day David picked Fia up from school and she was walking around with a note pad and a pen. The teacher informed David that Sophia had started her own business. The teacher recommended David to ask Fia what the name of her business was, so David proceeded to ask her. Fia said the name of her business was..get this, "Dot Com."

Also, the other day when I was sick I was pretty much letting Fia run the show (make a mess), so she brought out all of her friends (stuffed animals and dolls) to the living room. Sophia began handing all of her friends cards and stating to them, "this is your e-mail."

Giving in to her fascination with Technology, I know she likes to get on the computer and do her "school work," like Mommy. So a new website that we get on to help Fia not only learn her letters- she know those- but learn the letter sounds is It is a great website! It also promotes reading and distinguishing between capital and lower case letters and much more! Great tool for learning as well as Fia- Mommy bonding!

Here is the link:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Even though we live in GA and I am anticipating a freeze to come and kill all of our beautiful flowers, however, we are enjoying this beautiful weather and found ourselves a flower patch! Happy Spring...