Thursday, June 11, 2009

Horrible Blogger

Hey Guys...

If Anyone out there reads this blog I am surely all are disappointed. I am 9 weeks pregnant (yes, that should have been a blog) and I am throughly enjoying getting my Masters right now (yeah.. ok!) so I am finding myself with less and less time to update this sucker! To be clear.. I really am enjoying Grad school it is just becoming a bit overwhelming lately, but it is all evening out!

To catch up, Sophia and I are out for the summer. Well, Sophia goes to school on Thursdays which gives me a "ME" day and a chance to catch up on school work and maybe a quick run to the grocery store. Sophia is also participating in gymnastics over the summer as well as swimming lessons coming up in the last week of June! We are also playing catch up with the dentist, getting some pictures made, scheduling Dr appointments for Mommy and Baby, and TRYING to do some housework. We will soon start renovations for the nursury also.

So.. We, Stancils, are keeping busy, but if you want togetogether with any of us now will be the time to get in touch b/c Fall, Winter, and Spring will be even busier!!

Much Love- Nichole