Saturday, October 24, 2009

Officially a crazy household

Sam's crib:

Sophia's new big girl bed:

So, as I continue to be a HORRIBLE blogger, I keep this blog as a commitment to my fellow bloggers and how I can follow these beautiful people and their life miracles as well as struggles. As part as this commitment, I will also try to keep my fellow bloggers abreast of what is going on in the Stancil family's "life," hence the title of my blog... Stancil Family :)

First, an explanation of WHY I am a horrible blogger. Life is keeping me VERY busy and on my down time can't seem to hardly OPEN a computer, except to work on grad school and read other people's blogs.

TEACHING: I am a teacher of the K-2 babies at Cumming Elementary school for children on the Autism Spectrum. The year started off a little rough with a HUGE hurdle of transition for ME as well as my students. Things now, beautiful... I leave my job thanking God. I love my students, my co workers and I am TRULY blessed. We just wrapped up our classroom Fall Festival with our kids and their parents! It was WONDERFUL! We had a blast with sensory activities, "bobbing for apples," painting pumpkins, and socializing!
Sophia is blossoming in to such a big girl, she is and always will be my little independent child! Sophia's latest obsession was Calliou, but we have now told her that Calliou has gone off the air. Calliou was quite whiny and think that he may have been the contributor to Sophia developing a few undesirable habits. Now on to a more educational Favorite TV show.. Super WHY! Sophia picks a show and must watch it obsessively... it has, in the past, been High School Musical (movie), Hannah Montana (show), Max and Ruby, Barney, etc.
Sophia also participates in Ballet on Mondays and the Fun Bus on Tuesdays. I know she loves both, but is anxious to get back involved in gymnastics, which we will do... eventually :)
He is an active thing and appears to be doing fine. I am praying for a strong and healthy boy... I already LOVE him with all of my heart! We will be scheduling a c-section for his arrival the week of January 5th 2010.

Our newest addition! MORE than a handful, but our little girl's bestest bud! However, she is most certainly adding to the chaos of our household! Chloe is a mix of Bijon and terrier! I believe it is the terrier in her that makes her a bit unmanageable at times, but for the most part, a sweet addition to our family!

David and I have been faced with a VERY odd situation lately, but we have been forced to strengthen our faith and place it in the Lord's hands.
Our family and friends have shown us how faithful they are also! We could not have gotten through this point of our lives without them.... even without this bizarre situation.
My Mom has moved back to where she belongs (close to me and her grand babies) she has done so much in helping me prepare for this baby and also helping with Sophia in an effort to give me a rest! My Dad has also prepared a room at his house complete with a crib for those days of exhaustion as well as completing the trim work in the bonus room (which we finished this summer). My niece and her boyfriend even came up and put together the baby's crib and Sophia new big girl bed! This is just a mention of SOME of the things that we have been blessed with by other people and their kindness... not to mention the donation of baby boy items! (YAY!)

God Bless everyone and I will keep updating! Love, Nichole